Hi, I'm Joseph Woods
I am a recent graduate from Ringling College of Art & Design, with a Bachelor's Degree in Motion Design, and a Minor Degree in Photography and Digital Imaging. 
Since childhood, I had always known that I wanted to be an artist. Entire days were spent sketching pictures, looking through comic strips, and watching cartoons, wishing that someday, I would be able to become a professional cartoonist or animator, and be able to share the images in my head with the people around me. At the age of 17, I was hired for my first job—it was merely a checkout position at a local supermarket, but I soon found out that the in-store sign painter had recently left, and the position was open for weekend hours. I Immediately fell in love with the process of putting hand-painted text into creative layouts, using different shapes and colors to spark different styles of appeal, and then having my works placed out in the open for public display. It was my first step into the field of Design.
When enrolling at Ringling College, I had  decided to work toward fine-tuning the talent for design that I had always been recognized for. During my first semester, however, I discovered a field combining the components of Graphic Design with my ongoing of animation: Motion Design. I became immersed in the excitement of seeing my designs come to life, with the power to gain attention and spark emotions. I immediately requested a change of majors, and since then, have been recognized as the class of 2021 Trustee Scholar
​​​​​​​I am currently working from my in-home studio in Ocala, Florida, and am available for online or on-site work commission.
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Want to know more? Here's a video About my story