The 3-D Bird Project
For this project, the focus was on representing a 3-dimensional object through the use of multiple 2-dimensional layers. A unique challenge was presented through the combination of representing a living creature through the use of clear panels with simplified shapes. These challenges combined, however, give the completed project a very unique appearance.

After researching potential birds to portray, the puffin was chosen due to its unique traits. An initial concept piece was then designed digitally and cut out from foam board. The concept piece was then revised, and constructed from foam board again. Because the emphasis of the project was stylization through use of basic shapes, the use of circles stands out as a defining characteristic for the final version.

After the final revisions were made to the design, the layers were cut separately, using a laser cutter. Next, a minimal amount of glue was applied where necessary, and clear bars were cut to the proper length to secure the panels with even spacing

The completed figure stands approximately 10 inches tall, with 5 combined layers.

Thank you for viewing!

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